Heart Transverter

E11 FlexiPark Free Zone
San Rafael, Alejuela 5400
Costa Rica


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About Heart Transverter

Heart Transverter has developed a patented new technology with the Transverter system which provides all the building blocks for completely scalable MicroGrids where each individual node can operate autonomously while having the ability to share all energy assets with neighboring MicroGrid nodes. This truly opens the door to the future. These MicroGrids can be aggregated into small groups these groups aggregated into larger groups. This is the sustainable energy future, FractalGrids with many layers of nested Transverter based solar microgrids. The art is making something that returns high value in today’s world and simultaneously creates a smooth path to a sustainable future. The ancillary services value of high speed automatic energy storage, demand response and frequency stabilization reduces the Utility’s need for spinning reserves. In a typical Transverter Solar MicroGrid the value of these ancillary services exceeds the value of the solar energy produced. In MicroGrid area.
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